For my beautiful Niece.


This is a beautiful pinafore I made for my niece who arrived into this world this past September. It was so much fun to make and quite easy too! The yarn is a wool/acrylic blend and is so soft! I can’t wait to see her in it, I bet she is just going to look like a perfect little doll. I will put the link to the pattern at the bottom of this post.

I am in the market to make more, but I don’t have any babies to crochet for at the moment… ┬áSO, hint hint to family and friends, get on that! ;) Anyway, I just wanted to share this creation with you! Have a wonderful Monday.

God Bless,


Link to Pattern:

It’s not a mess!


Last night was spent getting my craft room under control. I stayed up until about 12:30am getting it in order for the most part. I still have my desk corner to do, but I got most of my yarn taken care of it. Notice how I said MOST?! Yeah, I still have a closet to go through. My husband thinks we will need more shelves, but I am determined to fit what I have in the remaining shelves… It’s a bit embarrassing, and I now know I have a bit of an addiction. lol. SO I have vowed to myself that I will not buy any yarn unless it is completely necessary. We’ll see how that truly goes, but I will try! It’s a struggle out there guys! haha


please excuse the kit lens photo, I don’t have a lens that is wide enough so close. :)

Anywho, today I am continuing to clean up my craft room and working to a better workspace for myself! It’s also our spare room, so it would be nice if people could come and sleep in peace without the fear of skeins of yarn haunting them at night… So, off I go! Have a wonderful day!

God Bless,


Oh man, try to keep up with me here! I swear,I start a new project every morning. Pretty soon I’ll have so many started projects that I will have to start finishing something!

Life has been a bit hectic lately, and it’s been a bit hard to keep up with it, but I’m chugging along. The biggest change that will be happening soon is I am going back to school to recertify for medical coding and billing. I’ve decided it’s time to start working again. :) it’d be nice to have an extra income in the house…

Anywho, I started another blanket last night. It too will be a mashup of colors but that’s what my husband likes, so I’m going with it. I hope you all are doing well!

God Bless,


Another project…

It’s hard to work when…

Hello and Happy Sunday!

This little sweetie is so distracting, meet Rocky! We adopted him and his brother Apollo who is all black about 1ish month ago. They are about 4 months old now. :)

Anywho, today I am taking a break from the scrapghan and working on an owl hat (the blue hat you see in the background) and I am so excited about it! It will be my first character hat, so we’ll see how it goes.

What character hats have you made!? I’d love to see some! :)

On another note, church was sooooo good today. My faith has become so strong thanks to the fact that I have finally found a church I feel at home. It’s just an amazing feeling. I will be getting baptized November 2, 2014 and I can not wait!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

God Bless,



Today I am continuing to work on my c2c scrapghan. :) It’s probably going to be the ugliest blanket anyone has ever seen, but the last one I made for our house has been a huge hit, and I’ve even used it for a few photo shoots. These consist of leftover skeins of yarn that I have that I will not use for anything else. Instead of letting them just sit in the bins I have, I figure why not give em some love!?

Now, I am all for gorgeous uniform blankets. Don’t get me wrong. But for some reason I just can’t work on them! I’ve only completed 5 or so uniform blankets in my entire crocheting time. Something about working with different yarn, all over the place makes me actually finish it. I think maybe it keeps me from becoming bored… Who knows.

So as I sit here drinking coffee, watching “Diners, Drive ins, and Dives” I am looking at this blanket, excited for what craziness it’s going to look like when it is finished! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to make things “ugly” because guess what, there probably isn’t a single piece like it anywhere in the world! How cool is it to think that you actually have something no one else does!? :)

Anywho, I hope your Saturday is going swell, and I hope your crafting something you love! Happy Saturday and God Bless!




So much has happened!

Hello everyone!

Man these past few months have been quite insane. It’s finally starting to slow down, but so much has changed. I am no longer doing photography as a business. I just kind of decided it didn’t really fulfill me the way crocheting does. Also, my daughter started back to school and is now in 1st grade! I can’t believe it!

So one big thing I have done is I have started my own crochet business, Hooks N Ewe! I decided it was time to give it a go, and to see how it would work out. Nice thing about it, is that it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to start up unlike photography. Also, my vision comes to life no matter what, and that is so gratifying! I love to crochet, so what better way to enjoy it even more than to make people happy with it!?

Another thing is that my faith has become a huge part of my life, and I will be getting baptized in just a couple weeks! My love has grown so much and I couldn’t be any happier with the way my life is going! :)

So, not too much to report on, but thought I would update just a smidge!

Hooks N Ewe

God Bless,

Greek Goddess Cowl

Hello! Man have I been busy, and it seems with everything BUT crochet! But I managed to get in some crochet time. My friend Jessie from Crochet it isn’t Sew let me test out a new pattern she came up with, and I am in LOVE! It’s perfect! She is so good at what she does, and I thank people like her for giving us crocheters beautiful projects to make. The cowl should be released soon, and once it is I will put up a post about it. :)

Anywho, here are some photos of the beautiful cowl. I made it using Lion Brand Yarn. My friend Jenn is modeling and I took the photos.



As you can see, crochet and photography are my two biggest creative loves! :) Anywho, I hope you are having a wonderful day! God Bless.



Learning to Crochet

Last night me and my friend Jenn got together to simply hang out. We went out to a nice dinner and then headed off to Michael’s! She has been wanting to learn how to crochet for a long time so I told her I would try to teach her. There are a couple things I learned last night.

One: I am not a patient person.

Two: I love her to death, but I gave her some links to youtube video tutorials.

Three: I don’t have a career in teaching people how to crochet.

She did an awesome job for someone who had just started! And then it dawned on me, I have been doing this for 15 years! That is just insane to me.

So, I won’t be teaching anyone how to crochet anytime soon. lol

I’m Back! Kind of…

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve been on. Life has just been so hectic. My daughter is out of school for the summer so it is just non-stop. But the good thing is that I have been able to crochet a whole bunch, and with that I have tried some new things!

Here I will be showing you the Penelope Shawl I recently finished. I used I Love this Yarn (from Hobby Lobby) in the Kaleidoscope color way. The yarn was a dream to work with and I think I may have found my new favorite acrylic yarn! It is the first store bought skein that doesn’t tangle when pulled from the center, and if you use the center pull a lot, you know what I am talking about. It can be pure hell. But any who, I absolutely love it and will be buying much more in the future! The pattern was so easy and understandable, which made crocheting the shawl a breeze. I think I could have finished the shawl in two days if I hadn’t been so distracted, but well, I have two kiddos and a dog… OH and a husband. lol

Anyway, here are a few photos of it. My husband was the photographer. I think he did very well. ;) I will provide a link to the yarn as well as the pattern that I used. I hope you like it, and I hope it inspires you to make your own shawl!



Today I finished my elephant amigurumi and I am so pleased with myself! It is not perfect, but I finished it and that’s all that matters! It was a fun little project and I think I may do more, well I will because I have to make a second one so my kiddos both have one. We don’t need more arguments between those two!

Anyway, it was fast and to my surprise quite easy. My only complaint is the sewing. And well the crookedness, but that’s my fault. Hopefully with more practice, I will get much better, faster, and less crooked… ehem! So here are a couple of photos of the finished product and I will put the link to the pattern at the end. Have a wonderful day!