I’m Back! Kind of…

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve been on. Life has just been so hectic. My daughter is out of school for the summer so it is just non-stop. But the good thing is that I have been able to crochet a whole bunch, and with that I have tried some new things!

Here I will be showing you the Penelope Shawl I recently finished. I used I Love this Yarn (from Hobby Lobby) in the Kaleidoscope color way. The yarn was a dream to work with and I think I may have found my new favorite acrylic yarn! It is the first store bought skein that doesn’t tangle when pulled from the center, and if you use the center pull a lot, you know what I am talking about. It can be pure hell. But any who, I absolutely love it and will be buying much more in the future! The pattern was so easy and understandable, which made crocheting the shawl a breeze. I think I could have finished the shawl in two days if I hadn’t been so distracted, but well, I have two kiddos and a dog… OH and a husband. lol

Anyway, here are a few photos of it. My husband was the photographer. I think he did very well. ;) I will provide a link to the yarn as well as the pattern that I used. I hope you like it, and I hope it inspires you to make your own shawl!





Today I finished my elephant amigurumi and I am so pleased with myself! It is not perfect, but I finished it and that’s all that matters! It was a fun little project and I think I may do more, well I will because I have to make a second one so my kiddos both have one. We don’t need more arguments between those two!

Anyway, it was fast and to my surprise quite easy. My only complaint is the sewing. And well the crookedness, but that’s my fault. Hopefully with more practice, I will get much better, faster, and less crooked… ehem! So here are a couple of photos of the finished product and I will put the link to the pattern at the end. Have a wonderful day!




New Baby Blanket

I just found out someone very close to me is pregnant with a baby girl so I am starting a blanket! Well actually I have already started a blanket, but I decided I want to do a different one so I went on a search through revelry.com and found this beautiful yet simple blanket! I am so excited to start it and I can not wait for the finished product! I hope it manages to look as good on my hook as it does in the original… :) Anywho, I hope you are all doing well, and I will post an update soon! I will be using Bernat Baby Coordinates to crochet the blanket in white. The link for the pattern is below. I can’t wait!



Hello everyone! Last night I went to a yarn night at Michaels and had a lot of fun! I arm knitted a scarf, met some pretty amazing women, and started on my first Amigurumi animal. Now that I have started it over again because I lost count, I am in love. I learned that stitch markers are a must, and that it works up so fast!

This elephant was made using Vanna’s Choice yarn in silver blue. It is still a work in progress and not the best in the slightest, but I am proud of it! It’s the first thing I have made other than a blanket, hat or scarf! So here is a photo. I was given the pattern last night, so I do not know where it located. But I do know it is by Lion Brand!


My First Amigurumi

Odds and Ends

Today I started my spring cleaning, and I am SO glad I did. There was so much stuff to get rid of and donate that I am almost kicking myself in the behind for not doing it sooner. But anywho, during “treasure hunting” as we will call it, I found a bag of granny squares. I have no idea when I made them and what I had in mind, but they are such a hodgepodge of colors and stitches that I decided to make an odds and ends blanket. It’s very eclectic and in no way meant to win any award out there. It will be something for our couch, something for us to have for decades! (hopefully…) lol Anywho, here’s a photo of me just starting on it. Excuse the lack of makeup and well dress hehe. It’s late, forgive me! ;)


I have started working on a blanket that I am very excited about. I managed to find a green that matches our drapes in our living room! So I am making a granny square throw! I am starting to get back into crocheting again, I kind of fell off for a little bit and I missed it. So anywho, here is a photo of my colors and pattern! I hope you are all doing well!



New Blanket

I am so excited right now, and let me tell you why! I have been searching and searching for charities to crochet through and I have finally found the one and I can’t explain just how excited I am. I have always wanted to crochet for a bigger and better cause, and I think I have found it. I will be crocheting for Warm Up America! :)

Not only is it for a wonderful cause, but it’ll help me with all of my yarn. I have so much beautiful yarn just laying in bins, and it needs attention… So, why not give it to someone in a way that they will use it and cherish it.

I hope to start meeting up with a group to crochet amongst other people who want to help others just as bad as I do! Now I just need to find a group, or make one up myself… Hehe. Anywho, I hope you are all doing well!


Warm Up America!

Warm Up America!

Free Pattern Friday: Granny Star Ornament + Netflix Freebie


I think I may have found our ornaments for this years Christmas tree! How cute, yet simple are these!? Look out for a preview of mine soon, I’m going to try out so many different color variations. Lol
God Bless,

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Hi friends!  Sorry I missed yesterday… I had a big post all set to go about my first ever visit to a Hobby Lobby, but then Husband called, and then I got to visit an adorable little baby, and then I got distracted, and then Zoltar overheated (again) and had to be put to bed for the day.  Please forgive me.  In the meanwhile, here’s the pattern for the granny star ornaments I made while in transit for Chibication.   Enjoy! })i({

super cute granny star!

Granny Star Ornament Pattern

1: ch5, sl st to form loop

2: (ch2, 2dc, ch3), (3dc, ch3) x4, sl st to close

3: sl st across to ch3 space, 3dc, ch3, 3dc, ch1, *3dc, ch3, 3dc, ch1 in ch3 sp* around, sl st. to join, sl st to corner space.

4:*4dc, ch3, 4dc in corner sp, 1dc in next sp*

5: detatch & FO, then add a hanger…

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My Latest

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have been gone, I have been quite busy and really haven’t gotten the chance to crochet lately. I miss it a lot, but I have managed to squeeze in a baby blanket for a co-worker of my husbands! This is probably my favorite blanket thus far. I love the colors and the stitch. The colors were actually quite easy to pick out as they sort of jumped out at me and were like BAM pick me. lol. Anywho, here are two snapshots of the blanket so far. I hope to get much further by tonight, I’d like to have it done by this weekend, but we shall see! I hope you are all doing well!

God Bless,




Off topic


These past couple of months have been a bit crazy. Our family has gone through a lot of little changes, and most of them for the better. Our 6 year old is now on medication (something I was extremely against) but can I just tell you that it was the best decision we ever made as a family. She is doing so well. She can focus, she pays attention to detail, and we now know that we have a budding little artist. She is so talented, and I almost kick myself everyday for not starting her on the medication sooner. Her grades are going up in school, and that was what we wanted the most. She is starting to make friends, and that is something she didn’t have before.  She was combative through everything which made it difficult for others to get along with her. However, just yesterday, one of her classmates came up to me and said “Ms. Shannon, I like your daughter now. She is so nice!”

Our first indication that something was a little off was when she started EAK (early admission kindergarten). This was a precursor to Kindergarten, a way for children to get a head start on school. Well, everyday we would pick her up from school it would be something new. “Haylie was up on the tables today, Haylie was talking non stop when she was suppose to be quiet, Haylie isn’t finishing her work like the rest of the children.” But what really got to me was the fact that we knew she was smarter than that. She didn’t really act all that bad at home, or maybe we had just gotten used to it. Everything changed once she got to Kindergarten. It went from a sweet teacher to a teacher who told us every little detail of what Haylie was doing. And it just kept getting worse. But I didn’t want to give up, she’s too young to put her on medication. So, we kept on with her counseling and said “She’s only 5, give her a break!” Well, after saying that over and over again we began to think that there may be something to what the teachers and others are saying. A reason for why no one wanted to spend time with our daughter, and why she had no friends. And after much thought and deliberation we decided to medicate her for ADHD. Oh gosh, the 4 letter word everyone hates. The one everyone says is just a way for teachers to make something up so the kids can be quiet and pliable.

Haylie has now been on medication for about a month and we couldn’t be any happier. Not only is she still the same little girl, it just seems as if she has had some upgrades. She listens, she sits still for longer than 30 seconds, she isn’t always moving some part of her body, she doesn’t fight with everyone about everything. She has become such a sweet little girl, and now we can see her true personality. She isn’t this mean vindictive child that everyone swore she was. No, she is beautiful. She is artistic, she is happy, she is sweet, she is kind, she is caring. ADHD made her into something she wasn’t, and I am just so happy that we have our daughter in a way that she can be happy and live a normal life. We have learned that she is actually very shy, and that she would rather do things on her own. She doesn’t do well with a lot of people around her, and that’s ok. This is a learning process for us all. We all have a lot of growing to do, and I think as long as we keep up with the great team of people she works with, she will go extremely far in life!

If you are dealing with something similar, just know that it will be ok. Tomorrow is coming. It will be a new day with new options. We don’t always make the right decisions but God gives us enough tries to get it right. So just keep at it and you will do just fine. Find support, and know that there are others out there who may be going through the same things you or your children are.